A good collaboration is all about leveraging off one another's assets and making magic happen TOGETHER. So if you have any ideas for a kickass collaboration, give us a holler and we'd be happy to discuss the opportunities. We’re all about working together, you know; mamas supporting mamas. So let's make it happen!



Want to promote a product or service? Our mama community loves a freebie and giveaways are definitely a great, cost-effective way to leverage off our engaged community and build excitement around your product or service. Expand your reach by collaborating with us to run a competition or a cross-promotion to get new eyeballs across your brand.


product/ service REVIEWS

Mamas love hearing what others have to say about a product or service, especially from sources they trust. Be it lifestyle products, business-related services, products, events or services for family life or mama me-time treats, we're open to opportunities that are relevant to our community.

This collaboration involves the donating of products or services in return for social media exposure. Contact us if you have something you'd like us to share.



Being part of the Collective has its rewards - discounts and freebies!

Every month, we offer exclusive perks to our community - discounts on your eCommerce store, your retail shop, or your service; or a freebie with purchase. A free coffee with meal would be ah-may-zing! #mamafuel

If you provide a exclusive deal just for the Collective that our community of biz mamas would L O V E, let us know! Your exclusive perk will be on the website and promoted through our social media channels.


share your business journey

Learning how another mama in biz did it (or is doing it) to succeed or beat their challenges is ab-so-lutely INSPIRING. Relatable, engaging stories help us all along in our business journey.

Our EMPOWERED MAMA blog features contributions from our biz mama Collective and is shared across our social media channels.

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Our blog opens up conversation about all sorts of business-related topics:

  • Starting up

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Legal

  • Administration

  • Outsourcing

  • The Mama-Biz Juggle

  • And more

We love stories that are REAL and that really dig *deep*. If you're in a space we're you can give sound advice on the above topics and would love exposure to your business, we'd love to hear from you! All posts are accompanied by a provided profile/ lifestyle shot, otherwise if unavailable, we can help you out with a snap, provided you’re willing to travel to Doncaster East! If you would like to share a story about a point in your business journey, please contact us.  



One key objective of Mamas Collective East is to help our mamas in business community upskill. We collaborate with experts willing to share their knowledge and empower our community with essential business skills to flourish in today's business landscape.

If you have an idea that we can share in a workshop, a Lunch & Learn session, an online masterclass, or a Facebook live event, contact us and let's make a plan!