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Facebook Advertising Bare Basics

  • MC Square 687 Doncaster Road Doncaster, VIC, 3108 Australia (map)

With Facebook Advertising Bare Basics, we’re stripping it right back so that you get an understanding of the what it can do for you and how you can make it profitable for your business via hands-on training minus the guru-speak.

This workshop takes you from the top, to the prep before you actually set-up your Facebook Ads. Imagine planning to cook up a delicious meal, before you do that, you must have the right ingredients, right?

Bare basics include:

  1. A sales funnel

  2. An awesome offer

  3. Google Analytics

  4. Your Business Manager

  5. The Facebook Pixel

Learn how to define your ideal customer, how to create you offer (no, your product or service is NOT your offer), how to create a “lead magnet” and set up a Facebook Pixel...yeah...we heard yah “Whaaat theeeee…??”

By answering a pre-workshop questionnaire, we are going to identify *individually* what your* offer is and the campaigns that will work for you. We have even set time aside to brainstorm ideas for you. Yep, it’s THAT hands-on.

So if you want to start on the right foot with Facebook Advertising and get the hands-on training to get you started, this is for you.

*Due to time limitations, this offer may be relevant to your business industry but and not necessarily customised for your business.

|| What we’ll cover:

  • Demystifying Facebook ads

  • Is your website or landing page ready to run Facebook ads?

  • Google Analytics - what it is and why you need it

  • What is a sales funnel and why do you need one?

  • What is a lead magnet and easy ways to create one?

  • Brainstorm ideas around a few funnels for YOUR business

  • Setting up a Business Manager account for ads management

  • What the heck is a Facebook pixel and why do you need one?

  • Why you need an Email list, the importance of and how to get it started.

|| What you get out of this workshop: 

  • An understanding of the sales funnel concept and for you to apply to your business immediately

  • The most important elements required to build a successful Facebook ads campaign

  • Getting you and your business ready for Facebook ads

  • Setting up your Facebook Business Manager

  • Installing your Facebook pixel (yes, right here at the workshop!)

|| What to bring:

  • Laptop & smartphone on the day of the workshop

  • And a great attitude to learn!

|| Your Investment:

  • $199 for 5-hour workshop

|| Our Trainer:

V E E N A,

The Trainer

Teaming with us at Mamas Collective East is Veena Gandhi from Digital Street. A Facebook Ads genius, a self-proclaimed geek, a mama of an 11 year-old tween, and a cheap date (she’s done after one glass of wine!). Thank goodness she’s also a coffee-lover.

Veena has been in the industry for 12 years and has worked with some of the leading advertising and research agencies (read Leo Burnett, McCann-Erickson, A C Nielsen and Ipsos) across a number of different industries and brands such as Minute Maid juices (a Coca-Cola product), Hewlett Packard, and IPl.

She runs her own agency and although she’s primarily a white-label provider (which means she subcontracts and pumping out the strategies, the targeting, the ads...etc) to advertising agencies, she’s grown an affinity to help small businesses with their digital solutions.

She’s passionate about helping small businesses understand the power of Facebook Advertising as she *knows* it works, she’s done it, even on small business budgets.

So why did we choose to collaborate with her?

‘Cos she knows her sh*t. One coffee meet-up later, she’s throwing around all these ideas and ways to improve campaigns AND she says want to teach small business owners how they can do it themselves too. *LAAAAHHHH* That was music to our ears. It was the golden moment. It was at that point we knew...we just *knew* that she was our mama to help train our tribe in what’s been the most asked-for upskill. Thank you Veena for helping us geek-up our Collective.


The Facebook Advertising Training Series

In a series of hands-on Facebook Advertising workshops, Mamas Collective East and collaborating partner, Digital Street, are going to take you through the tools, tactics and hands-on training so that you can effectively run your own Advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram (Juuuuust in case you didn’t know, Facebook owns Instagram so with Facebook’s Business Manager, you can run ads for both platforms. Did we just hear a “booyah!”?)

With over 2.2 active billion users, that’s approximately one-third of the global population, Facebook offers the largest social network OF.ALL.TIME! So why wouldn’t this savvy group of business mamas want a piece of that?

If you’re not already spending on Facebook Advertising, you don’t want to be missing out on an amazing opportunity to reach highly targeted customers, riiight? Or perhaps you have dabbled in it, but it’s not giving you the return-on-investment that you had hoped for and need to understand WHY?

We want you to walk away knowing how to run successful ads for your business - whether you are an eCommerce retailer, service provider, consultant, coach or VA looking to upskill. In these sessions, we will have your website or landing page ready for ads, help you install your Facebook Pixel, set-up and run a LIVE campaign with you, and explain the jargon so that you understand how to analyse its performance. It’s all hands on deck! Stop us to ask questions. Get us to repeat it if you didn’t get it the first time. We get it and you’re welcome to at any time.

We do not expect you to learn everything there is to know about Facebook Advertising AND be all hands-on without having your brains fried by the end in one massive session, so we’re running our training workshops over a 2-part series:

No. 1 || The landing page, the sales funnel, lead magnets and setting up your Business Manager and Facebook Pixel - all the prep and hooks to help your ads convert.

No. 2 || Setting up your campaign structures, audience targeting, creating your LIVE Facebook Advertising campaign, retargeting and key metrics.


Two sessions over 2 consecutive weeks. All covering different stages of the Facebook Advertising process and broken down into chunks so that there’s no overwhelm, no information overload, no “I know most of this”.

Depending on your level of knowledge, you can attend 1 workshop or both. The choice is up to you and what YOU need to learn. But places are limited (the only way to keep them customised and really hands-ons), so purchase the bundle if you think you really want to #win at Facebook Advertising.

These are training workshops with no bells and whistles (as much as we want magnificent grazing platters and champagne) to keep the costs low. Your workshop registration includes a simple yet satisfying lunch, covers the cost of our venue hire and all the mama fuel (read coffee or tea) you can consume in 5 hours.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE (yes, like one of *those* ads..haha), once you sign up, we send you a pre-workshop questionnaire so that we get to know your business and level of experience (or lack thereof - ha!) so that we can customise the training session to suit you best. You get immediate access to our private Facebook group “Facebook Ads Collective” so that you can get to know your peers, have opportunities to voice out the areas you need help with and have our ongoing support for an extended 1-month. So we'll basically be helping you with your Facebook advertising strategy from The.Moment.You.Sign.Up. Yep!

So if this sounds like what YOU need to flourish in your business, sign up now. It is *seriously* worth the investment AND your extremely valuable time.

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