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Mamas Collective East gives mamas in business in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne a space to connect and collaborate with other local biz mamas. It provides support, the resources and tools to see your business flourish.

Working solo or in a small business can sometimes be isolating, so Mamas Collective East brings the local community of biz mamas together for local meetups and events. Nothing beats a meetup; like a bunch of girlfriends catching up, we can talk shop, share ideas, collaborate and vent our common issues. We know many of us are bounded by “school hours” or are in the 9-to-5 grind, so being local means we don’t have to travel far to meet up and also share business resources that we can easily access.

We’re about keeping it real when it comes to juggling work, life & mamahood. Together, we celebrate the ups and pick each other up from the downs. We’re a Collective of #nobullshit mamas that just want to smash it and do the best we can humanly-possible. ‘Cos no one can do it ALL, right?!

Despite our name, we’re not only for mamas - rather women who want support and to lift their game. So if this is your vibe and you're looking for a network to help your business flourish, then this is your tribe.